Gambling Goes On As Police Weigh Ban

Dec 1, 2010

Still open
Credit Laura Leslie

A new state law that took effect today makes video sweepstakes gambling illegal. But many parlors are still open and operating around the state. One sweepstakes parlor a block away from the Garner Police Station had six gambling customers at 10:30 this morning.

Garner Police spokesman Sergeant Scott Crawford says his department is waiting for instructions from its attorney before it starts enforcing the ban:

"Once we get a direction, we’re gonna type up something for everybody to abide by. We’re going to go meet with the parlor owners, let them know what our stance is on how we interpret the law, and that way we can be fair to everybody."

Crawford says the problem is that the ban is being challenged in the courts, and two judges have issued conflicting rulings on its legality. Other law enforcement agencies are taking a different approach.  Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison says his deputies will enforce the law as written.