Ft. Bragg Paratroopers To Undergo Air Assault Training

Sep 17, 2013

Credit Fort Bragg

Some Fort Bragg soldiers will begin specialized air assault training classes this week.  Fort Bragg soldiers had previously gone to posts outside the state to complete the course.  Soldiers will learn the logistics of moving troops and equipment by helicopter during combat. 

Capt. Matt Smoose is the school's commander.  He says the training includes helicopter transport and what's called 'springload operations'.

"Where you learn how to rig and inspect equipment that has been configured in such a way that a helicopter can carry it underneath itself," Capt. Smoose explains.  "The last phase has to do with repelling operations.  Students learn to repel off of an open side of a tower and then they also get to repel out of a hovering helicopter.

The training lasts 10 1/2 days.  It also includes fitness exercises and written tests.  Capt. Smoose says he hopes having the school on Fort Bragg will encourage more soldiers there to go through the training.