Frequent Intervention Helps Fight Obesity

Mar 13, 2012

Researchers at Duke University say a new study shows promising results from a program promoting weight loss for obese patients. The study's authors say the program starts at primary care clinics and focuses on high-risk patients from ethnic minority populations and low income groups. Gary Bennett is an associate professor at Duke and worked on the study. He says the key to "Be Fit, Be Well" is frequent contact with patients.

Gary Bennett: It uses a combination of very inexpensive technologies and non-clinical staff to help patients to change very routine behaviors that lead to weight loss -- not consuming sugar sweetened beverages, not eating fast food, getting a certain number of steps each day, not watching more than two hours of television each day.

Bennett says patients lost less weight than expected, but did keep it off for two years. He says that's important in avoiding obesity-related chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes.