Fort Bragg Soldiers Injured During Test

Sep 23, 2011

43 soldiers at Fort Bragg suffered heat-related injuries this morning during a 12-mile march. That's according to spokeswoman Jackie Thomas. Thomas says 25 of them were treated on the spot. 18 of them were transported to Womack Medical Center, where 13 of them were admitted, and one of them was placed in Intensive Care Unit.

Jackie Thomas: "I wouldn't attribute that to them being pushed too far. You know, you have to understand, it's a pretty grueling series of things that they've been going through in this competition. "

56 soldier medics were marching in full combat gear as part of final training to receive a coveted field badge: the Expert Field Medical Badge.  They had been involved in rigorous testing since last Sunday.  Temperatures in Fayetteville Friday morning were in the low to mid 70's with humidity over 90 percent. Thomas says she doesn't know if an investigation is underway.