Food Assistance Recipients Face New Requirement

Jan 13, 2016

Credit Carol Jackson

Some North Carolina residents who receive food assistance must now prove that they're working, volunteering or taking classes. The change was implemented in urban counties with the New Year.

Last summer lawmakers moved to a federal adjustment. It applies to adults under 50 who don't have kids. In order to receive federal assistance they have to be working, volunteering or taking classes for 20 hours each week.

"Someone who is now being taken off of food assistance, obviously can go to food banks. And they have been stressed markedly over the past few years because of the recession; this is only going to stress them even more," said former Representative Rick Glazier.

Glazier now heads the NC Justice Center and says by this summer the change will affect as many as 115,000 people. The changes took effect this year for people in many urban counties. The requirement is set to take effect in rural counties July 1st.