Final Hearing Today On Duke-Progress Merger

Jun 25, 2012

Duke Energy officials hope a state Utilities Commission hearing today is the final hurdle before a merger with Progress Energy is complete.

Gurnal Scott: The commissioners will hear from company leaders about how consumers will be protected as Duke Energy seeks to become the nation's largest utility. Spokesman Tom Williams says the last year and a half since announcing the 26 billion dollar merger has prepared them.

Tom Williams: I think everybody's ready to move forward and close the transaction on July when we come to work July 2nd, we'll be one company, Duke Energy.

Before that happens, nuclear watchdog group NC WARN has questions. Its representatives will get to ask them directly at the hearing. NC WARN's director Jim Warren says he believes there are deals Duke Energy isn't being up front about.

Jim Warren: Some 15 or more secret agreements between Duke and various parties including industrial customers and others..and we want to know what are the rate impacts for all their other customers.

Tom Williams with Duke Energy says the utility has nothing to hide. The hearing is scheduled this afternoon in Raleigh.