Film Travels The Country Exploring Sustainable Community

Jul 25, 2013

The poster for the film 'Within Reach' which screens Monday, July 29th at the Motorco Music Hall in Durham, NC.

The words "sustainable" and "community" have quickly become buzz words in our society. But filmmaker Derek Alan Rowe wanted to know what it really meant to live sustainably.

“Within Reach” is a documentary film that followed the couple Ryan and Mandy as they biked cross-country to find out what sustainable community really is.

Motorco will be screening the film Monday at 7p.m. Afterwards they will host a discussion on the film and how it relates to sustainable community in Durham.

Derek Alan Rowe and Amy Campbell will join that conversation. Derek Alan Rowe is the director of the film, “Within Reach”; and Amy Campbell is the executive director of Sustain-A-Bull. They join Host Frank Stasio to talk about sustainable community in North Carolina.

The trailer for the film: