Dec 13, 2011

Dargan Frierson

In the late 1960s, North Carolina had the largest and most active Klu Klux Klan organization in the country. That was largely because of a charismatic man named George Franklin Dorsett, the Imperial Kludd or Chaplain of the United Klans of America. Dorsett’s fiery speeches and magnetism attracted more than 6,000 men to the Klan. Dargan Frierson was an FBI agent in Greensboro with the agency’s COINTELPRO program. This was J. Edgar Hoover’s plan to infiltrate and destroy any organization that Hoover himself deemed a threat to American security, be it the Klan or the Black Panthers.
Dargran Frierson succeeded in disrupting the Klan in North Carolina. His success came when he recruited Dorsett as an informant. Dargan’s son, Michael Frierson, is a filmmaker and professor at U-N-C-Greensboro and his film “FBI KKK” tells his father’s story.