Fayetteville Enacts Limits On Number Of Dogs

May 31, 2012

Fayetteville's city council has approved new dog limits. Starting July 1st, people living in apartments will only be able to keep two dogs, and people living on less than a half acre will be limited to three. Cumberland County approved the same ordinance earlier this month. Three council members voted against the measure, saying the city should focus on problem dogs. But Cumberland County animal control director John Lauby says the new restrictions will make people safer.

John Lauby: The existing rules, the ordinances, are basically unenforceable. There is no limit in the city at all for any animals, and you have some people who own 15 or 20 dogs in the city of Fayetteville with people living right next door. You're a nuisance to your neighbors whether you like it or not.

Lauby says people who have more than the allowed number of dogs can keep them as long as they have been vaccinated and licensed. Last summer there were packs of wild dogs roaming Cumberland County; Lauby says those have been brought under control.