Expect More Black Friday Online and Store Sales

Nov 24, 2011

Let the holiday shopping frenzy begin! But it looks like traditional and online retailers are ignoring Black Friday and moving in ahead of time.

It might be a little shocking – but a lot of big box stores and department stores are opening their doors tonight.  Justin Bieber will be there.

Justin Bieber:  "Yo! I’m going to Macy’s Black Friday sale. SCREAM. Yeah, I know it’s pretty cool, it starts at midnight."

Scot Wingo is the C-E-O of Morrisville-based Channel Advisor.  The company helps retailers sell more of their goods online. 

Scot Wingo:  "What’s happened is, the recessionary environment has made all retailers online or off-line or both more aggressive.  They figure that consumers have a fixed budget and they want to get as much of that budget as early as possible."

Area malls like the Streets at Southpoint in Durham and Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh were closed today – but individual stores – like Macy’s will be open at midnight.

Justin Bieber:  "I guess you are excited too! SCREAM"