Exhibit Explores Attention Through TINY Art

Apr 30, 2013

In TINY, artists consider the miniature, very small, and microscopic.
Credit The Carrack

Who says bigger is always better? It seems that the smallest things hold our world together. If you unscrewed the back of your watch, you would see a whole world of washers and gears and screws that held together your concept of time. The Carrack recently opened the exhibit "TINY: Attention, Exploded." The exhibit works to explore how we relate to the small.

Chris Vitiello and Cici Stevens join us on today's program to talk about the exhibit and the importance of the tiny. Chris Vitiello is a freelance writer and poet, and the curator of "TINY: Attention Exploded." Cici Stevens is a Durham-based artist, whose work is featured in the exhibit.