Entrepreneurs Network in the Triangle

Apr 26, 2011

Despite all its success – some say Research Triangle Park still hasn’t reached its full potential. So, a major gift has helped create a consortium of partners to help grow jobs and entrepreneurship in the region. 

Business, political and education leaders came out in droves to hear what some consider to be the “next big thing” for the research Triangle region.

Melba Uzbil in Video:  "Over the last 50 years – RTP has been very special because of the proximity of academia, industry and money."

This video was used to kick-off “The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network.” The Blackstone Charitable Foundation has donated 3-point-6 million dollars to identify and mentor dozens of start-up businesses.   Stephen Schwarzmann is the C-E-O of Blackstone.

Stephen Schwarzmann in Video:  "What it has not been as successful doing is using the enormous intellectual capital from the great universities to help create new companies and new jobs."

The entrepreneurs network will work with four partner universities to help cultivate new businesses. They include UNC , North Carolina Central, Duke and NC State.