Elon Poll: Romney Leads Obama In NC

Sep 3, 2012

The Democratic Convention begins today in Charlotte. The Democrats chose to come to North Carolina’s largest city to boost their chances here in the fall election. But as Dave DeWitt reports, at least one recent poll has Republican Mitt Romney pulling ahead.

The Elon Poll gives Romney a 4-point lead. The poll was conducted during the Republican Convention last week. It polled more than 1,000 likely voters.

Jason Husser is the assistant director of the Elon Poll. He says one reason Romney is ahead of President Obama in North Carolina is that a key group for the President is lacking.

"We still see a similar pattern, younger voters tend to be less enthusiastic," said Husser.

Romney leads the President 59-to-32 among white voters in North Carolina - among black voters, Barack Obama leads Romney 89 percent to 1 percent.