Election Turnout Doesn't Match Hype

Dec 3, 2010

Bob Hall
Credit Democracy NC

Despite all the media coverage of last month’s elections, the majority of North Carolina voters did not cast a ballot.

44% of the state’s registered voters cast a ballot in this year’s midterm elections. That’s better than 37% in 2006, but Bob Hall with Democracy North Carolina says it’s still pretty low.

His group analyzed voter data from 81 counties. Republican turnout was 50% - well above Democrats.  Older white Republicans had the best turnout. And young voters had the worst – just 18%.

Bob Hall: It was particularly disturbing to see such a dropoff from the presidential year, where young folks were excited. To have less than one in five registered young persons go to vote -- it was really abysmal.

Hall says some pundits have blamed low African-American turnout for Democratic losses, but black turnout was actually one-third higher this year than in 2006.