Edwards Jury To Resume Deliberations Monday

May 18, 2012

Jury deliberations will continue into next week at the John Edwards trial.

Jeff Tiberii: After about four hours of deliberations there was no verdict and the jurors went home for the weekend. The jury requested about a dozen pieces of evidence, the transcript from one witness and some office supplies. Judge Catherine Eagles told the jurors to rely on their notes and memories, and denied the transcript request. The jury of 8 men and four women heard 17 days of testimony. The four alternates impaneled will also return on Monday but have not taken part in the deliberations. Edwards was indicted last June on six counts of campaign finance violations. The government alleges that, the former two-time presidential candidate used about one million dollars from two wealthy donors in an attempt to hide his pregnant mistress. The defense says Edwards has committed a sin, but no felony.