Edwards Indictment Elicits Old Disappointment

Jun 3, 2011

John Edwards' indictment today marks the beginning of what may be a long courtroom battle over whether or not he violated campaign finance laws. Some North Carolinians who worked on his campaigns say regardless of the legal outcome, they still feel betrayed by the affair he conducted with his mistress when he was a presidential candidate in 2008. Linda Gunter is the President of Democratic Women of Wake County. 

Linda Gunter: "You look back and you wonder if he had only been honest and stopped it earlier on, when he told Elizabeth that he had, and people would have forgiven him, and people realize that people make mistakes."

Gunter campaigned for Edwards in New Hampshire in both 2004 and 2008. She says she doesn't regret working on both campaigns. But she understands why so many former Edwards workers want to erase the experience from their resumes.