Educators Scheduled To Visit General Assembly

Feb 26, 2013

State legislators have invited groups of educators to visit Raleigh this week in order to get more input on measures that would affect the state's schools. House Speaker Thom Tillis says he and other leaders want to know what educators consider their most pressing issues.

House Speaker Thom Tillis
Credit N.C. General Assembly

"We thought using more of a consultative model that we would start early in the session, establishing an ongoing dialogue with the superintendents, with the principals, and with the teachers so that they feel very comfortable with first providing us with ideas, but also challenging us when they see legislation moving that they believe may be operationally problematic," Tillis says.

The speaker says lawmakers are considering a variety of measures focused on schools, including one that would give public school students tax money to attend private schools. He expects to hold meetings with other education groups in the coming weeks, including charter school advocates and homeschoolers. This week's meetings will last from Tuesday through Thursday in the House Chamber.