Economic Improvement In Greensboro, Sort Of

Jan 25, 2013

There are marginal signs of economic improvement in Greensboro in an annual State of the City Report. A UNC-Greensboro professor did the study and looked at median income, teen pregnancy rates, and the kinds of jobs the city is adding, among other topics. Keith Debbage told the Triad Business Journal the city is showing signs of a fledgling recovery. The poverty rate actually dropped, but is still high compared to other peer cities, at 19.6 percent.

The report compared Greensboro with nine other Southeastern Cities, including Durham and Raleigh. Greensboro workers make on average $23,000 a year less than people in Durham. Compared to Raleigh, it has about half as many engineering and management jobs. The report is based on 2011 data, the most recent year the information was available.