Durham-Based Rice Diet Center Closes Its Doors

Sep 10, 2013

A Triangle live-in diet program once endorsed by celebrities and others seeking weight-loss results appears to be permanently closed.   The Rice Diet Center was once affiliated with Duke University before striking out on its own 11 years ago. 

Hollywood stars have been among those who traveled to Durham to embrace eating meals of mainly white rice and fruit in an effort to slim down. As more diet plans gained recognition, the Rice Diet lost favor and followers.  The center's current owner, Dr. Robert Rosati, was forced to close the program after 70 years.

He continues to try to sell the buildings where the diet's believers from around the world came to live and learn.  Rosati was in talks with three potential buyers..but so far there have been no takers for the property. 

There is a separate effort to keep the program going.  A businessman who had success with the program is reportedly hiring some of the center's staff to expand his own venture based on the Rice Diet.