Durham Babies Get Home Visits

Jan 4, 2011

Credit Durham Connects

Starting this year, all babies born in Durham will new get a home visit from a nurse.   The Durham Connects program started this past year, visiting only some new babies and their mothers.   Program director Jeannine Sato says for the coming year, all babies born in the county and their families can get up to three nurse visits:

"What happens in the visit is that the nurse comes, they do a physical assessment of the mom and the baby, blood pressure on the mom, weight check on the baby and the measurement. One of the things that we do is we reinforce going to your well baby visits and going to the moms’ six-week post partum follow-up visit, which you would be surprised how many moms skip that..."

Sato says the nurses can connect new moms to resources that they need in order to be more successful parents.