Drivers Get Gas Saving Tips

Apr 13, 2011

Drivers can learn how to save gas at a workshop today in Raleigh. The North Carolina Solar Center will host the Drive Green, Save Green demonstration. Participants will drive a five-mile course as they normally would and then try again with a few pointers in mind. Anne Tazewell from the Solar Center says a conscientious driver can save an extra 10 to 30 percent on fuel by following their advice.

Anne Tazewell: "Really it’s nothing that most people haven’t heard before. But if there was one little tip, it would be to coast down hill and, if you’re going uphill, just really do not step on the gas. Those two little things can make a huge difference."

Tazwell says workshop attendees will be encouraged to track their fuel savings after the workshop. The Center will create a database tracking how much fuel can be saved by making these small changes.