DOT Combines Vehicle Tag And Tax Bill

Jul 1, 2013

Credit NC DOT

Car, truck and motorcycle owners across the state will notice changes to how they pay vehicle property taxes and registration fees, starting this month.  State transportation officials say the two fees will now be billed and paid at the same time

Steve Abbot, who works for the North Carolina DOT, says the new system is in effect today for vehicle owners who go online.

"You can pay in advance, so you can get your car registered before the deadline and so forth, and the car inspected, but the actual renewals, the first combined tag and tax notices will be mailed out for vehicle renewals that are due in September," Abbot says. 

"So its sort of a hodge-podge, you can do it ahead of time on your own, but we formally will be sending out the first notices for the September renewals."

Abbot says the changes will help collect vehicle property taxes more efficiently.