Donor's Cousin Testifies In Edwards Trial

May 4, 2012

It's day 10 of testimony at the John Edwards trial and a friend of billionaire Bunny Mellon is back on the stand.

Jeff Tiberii: Wearing a yellow sport coat, matching pocket square and gold ring, Bryan Huffman answered questions about his relationship with Bunny Mellon, who he affectionately called his 'kissin' cousin'. Now 101-years-old she provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to Edwards in 2007. Huffman testified that Mellon didn't want her attorney to see the donations, so Mellon wrote Huffman checks for 'furniture'. He endorsed them, didn't deposit them, and sent them along to Andrew Young, a former campaign aide to Edwards. Huffman said "our furniture business was money for Senator Edwards". Eventually the payments were discovered and the support stopped. Some of the money was used to hide Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter. The defense contends much of the money was used by Young on his house. Huffman will be back on the stand today.