DNC Brought Economic Boost To Charlotte

Jan 28, 2013

Charlotte leaders released a report calling the 2012 Democratic National Convention an economic success for the Queen City.

Economic researchers say three days of speeches and meetings among Democrats brought nearly 164 million dollars into Charlotte.  30-thousand journalists and delegates filled hotels and ate at city restaurants.  Mayor Anthony Foxx says those factors alone prove Charlotte can handle itself on a national stage.  So..what next?  Foxx says he'd be open to giving the other party equal time.

"The R-N-C would be a layup for our city because, from a guest standpoint, it's usually about two-thirds the size of the Democratic convention so we've done this before.  We can do it again.  I would support it.  I've said that publicly."

Foxx also mentioned events like a Super Bowl and even an Olympic Games in Charlotte's future. But that would mean more hotels and infrastructure.  Foxx believes Charlotte can rise to those occasions just as it did to nominating a president.