Defense Trade Show Focuses on Partnerships

Aug 8, 2011

A defense trade show today and tomorrow in Fayetteville seeks to encourage collaboration between the defense industry and local businesses. Scott Dorney is Executive Director of the North Carolina Military Business Center, which is co-hosting the event.

Scott Dorney: "It is an opportunity for us to have both major defense contractors and also North Carolina companies who are in the defense marketplace and those who want to be. And it gives us a venue to connect."
Also hosting are U.S. Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr, along with Congressman Larry Kissel. Dorney says leaders understand the importance of the military to the state.

Dorney: "This is not an eastern North Carolina phenomenon. This is not a Fayetteville and Jacksonville phenomenon. The defense economy really affects our entire state. It's the second largest sector of our state economy. The military has a $23 billion impact on our state."
This is the tenth year for the annual event. There will be around 70 exhibitors and several classes and workshops. The show is being held in the Fayetteville Technical Community College.