Data Center Boom In North Carolina

Sep 26, 2012

The rise in data centers across the state is the topic of discussion today in Winston-Salem.  Leoneda Inge reports.

Most of the biggest data centers are in the western part of the state and in Research Triangle Park.  Big data storage warehouses as in IBM, SAS, Google, Apple and Facebook.  Brooks Raiford is CEO of the North Carolina Technology Association.  NCTA is hosting today’s panel discussion on data centers and why they’re good for the state – even though he admits, they don’t produce a lot of jobs.

"But it could be dozens or maybe more than dozens but it’s certainly not hundreds, and hundreds of employees like you typically think of when you hear about a half billion dollar or billion dollar investment," Raiford said in a recent phone conversation.

You think that’s why they don’t get as much attention because they don’t seem to bring in a lot of jobs?

Raifod answers that question, "Well, it’s because they don’t bring in a lot of direct jobs."

Raiford says these data centers do create a ripple effect when suppliers and other businesses spring up.