Cross Examination of Young Continues

Apr 27, 2012

Cross-examination of a former campaign aide lasted throughout day four of the John Edwards federal corruption trial in Greensboro.

Jeff Tiberii: Defense attorney Abbe Lowell asked Andrew Young about everything from the National Inquirer to the trail of money used to hide Edwards mistress. For a fourth consecutive day Young looked nervous before a packed courtroom. He answered dozens of questions with “I don’t recall” or “can’t remember”. When asked if he was uncomfortable talking about the money and the scandal, Young said: "The whole thing is embarrassing." The defense continued efforts to damage Young’s credibility. Lowell portrayed him as a man who was along for the ride, using hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to hide an Edwards mistress, for his own personal use. Young also admitted to making calls to the National Inquirer, but denied being the confidential source that told the paper about Edwards infidelity. Cross-examination of Young will continue this morning. Prosecutor David Harbach could begin his re-direct of Young after lunch.