Copper Theft Increasing

May 31, 2011

The Public Works Commission of Fayetteville is reporting problems with thieves breaking into electric substations to steal copper wire. Spokeswoman Carol Justice-Hinson says they’ve had 12 break-ins since April.

Carol Justice-Hinson: "They’re cutting the fence and finding all kinds of creative ways to get in. This isn’t uncommon—I think what’s different right now is that we’ve had so many. For the last two months, its been one right after the other."

Fayetteville Police charged two men in May with larceny and trespassing after they stole copper from a P-W-C site. Police say thefts have risen as the price for copper increases. People across the state have recorded stolen pipes and wire from private homes, construction areas and foreclosed buildings. The metal is currently valued at 4 dollars and 15 cents a pound, double its worth in 2009.