Contest Sends Teams On Video Expeditions Across Durham, NC

Oct 21, 2014

A new scavenger hunt will make sleuths and stars of Durhamites this Saturday. In this first-of-its-kind fundraiser in Durham, teams will solve riddles, and then head scatter across town to videotape short scenes from movies. For example, here's a clue:

"Durham’s most famous romance unfolded at an 1880s James Manning-designed house. Shoot a short scene inspired by this iconic silver-screen couple on the porch."

Here's how that clue might play out in the contest:

After some conversation (and with the help of Google), the team might come up with the movie Bull Durham. The romance between Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon's characters (Crash Davis and Annie Savoy) now lives in film history, but started inside that real house in Durham.

Southern Documentary Fund

The event is a fundraiser for the Southern Documentary Fund. The organization supports documentary films and filmmakers. But you don't need to be a filmmaker to participate in the event. You just need a sense of adventure, perhaps some humor, and the ability to record video on a device.

At the end of the day, participants will meet at Bill McCabe's pub for free beer and prizes.

The Indy reports that the event is the brainchild of independent filmmaker Elisabeth Haviland James:

Years ago, James participated in a massive scavenger hunt that entailed taking Polaroid pictures all over New York City. “It was really fun and really exhausting,” she recalls. She wanted to recreate a similar event in Durham, this time with a filmmaking twist. As far as she knows, The Hunt is the first video scavenger hunt in the country. >>Read report.

The Southern Documentary Fund has its roots in Durham, so it makes sense that the fundraiser would be based there.

The Southern Documentary Fund (SDF) was founded in 2002 by two independent filmmakers with a vision: to create a home for Southern documentary artists. Over the past decade, SDF has become a trusted partner for veteran and emerging documentary producers across our region, helping them direct their lenses and microphones at powerful Southern stories and issues of significance.

It costs $25/person to participate. Register here.