Congressman Price on Democracy in the Middle East

Sep 29, 2011

Congressman David Price

Congressman David Price represents North Carolina's 4th District, which covers Durham, Chapel Hill, and parts of Raleigh and Cary.  The North Carolina Democrat spoke from Cairo, Egypt.  He's there as part of a bipartisan group working with the fledgling governments in Tunisia and Egypt to help set up democratic governments. 

Both nations were scenes of popular uprisings that did away with autocratic regimes.  Click "Listen Now" to hear Representative Price talk about the trip, about democracy in the region, about partisanship in Congress, and President Obama's jobs plan and budget negotiations.

David Price: "This is very inspiring to be here. I mean, how could you miss the significance of this Arab Spring and of these people breaking out of repression and striving for freedom and working to set up democratic institutions. I feel privileged to be here. And I certainly think we can take inspiration and take lessons in courage and determination from the people we're working with.  You come to a place like Tunisia or Egypt, you understand what they're going through, the challenges they face... It really does make some of our current disputes look, if not smaller, at least more manageable. I think it makes better members of all of us who are engaged in this. I really have felt that from the beginning."