Congressman Price Advises On Tunisian Constitution

Jul 4, 2012

Chapel Hill Democratic Congressman David Price is celebrating Independence Day far from home this year. As Asma Khalid reports he's spent the week in a small North African country that only gained its freedom a year and a half ago.

Asma Khalid: Congressman Price is visiting Tunisia as the co-chair of the House Democracy Partnership. He's meeting with Tunisian politicians who are working on crafting a new constitution for the country.

David Price: They're eager to engage with us. They're, of course, doing their own revolution and their own constitution. But, they're taking inspiration from our history and constitution. They particularly like the idea of a constitution that specifies human rights and that is short and flexible for future generations.

Tunisia ousted its longtime leader Zine el Abidine Ben Ali last January.  Price says it feels fitting to celebrate Independence Day in the country that launched the Arab Spring revolutions.