Coble Seeking Re-Election

Jan 28, 2012

Republican Howard Coble is running for re-election to the US House.

Jeff Tiberii: The senior member of North Carolina’s congressional delegation was first elected in 1984. A victory this year would give Coble a 15th term in office. The 80-year-old was asked yesterday if this would be his final re-election campaign.

Howard Coble: I wouldn’t say with finality one way or the other, but give me a little weaseling room if you will. Of course elected officials never ask for weaseling room, do they.

Guilford County Commissioner Billy Yow plans to run against Coble in the Republican primary. Coble recently spent several weeks in Washington and Greensboro hospitals for a sodium deficiency and respiratory ailment. If he wins Coble would be 83 at the end of his next term. The oldest person to ever serve in the US house was North Carolina Representative Charles Stedman who died in office, at age 89.