Coble, Price Weigh In On Budget Negotiations

Dec 18, 2012

North Carolina's members of the House are back in Washington this week as Speaker John Boehner and President Obama try to work out a budget deal before the end of the year. The two leaders are trying to come to an agreement before automatic tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect in January. Republican Representative Howard Coble of Greensboro says Washington should consider cuts or reform for certain entitlement programs.

Howard Coble: "When you mention Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, of course, they're the biggies. Something's going to have to be done to resolve that issue as well. But I'm going to have to see something in finality before I can cast an aye or nay vote."

Meanwhile, Democratic Representative David Price of Chapel Hill says he's open to reform, but not cuts.

David Price: "I would hope we wouldn't reduce people's benefits, but that we would achieve more efficient, better coordinated care. That's both better care and it saves money so people aren't just out specialist shopping and getting uncoordinated care."

Price says tax rates should also go up for the wealthiest Americans. Coble says revenue can not come from tax hikes alone. Both representatives remain confident Washington can approve a budget before the end of the year.