Clinton Campaigns In Raleigh

Nov 5, 2012

Eric Hodge: Former President Bill Clinton visited Raleigh on Sunday. He was here to campaign for Barack Obama in what is shaping up to be a very tight race in North Carolina.

Dave DeWitt: Bill Clinton never won North Carolina in his two successful campaigns for President. But 16 years after his last camapign, he was still greeted with enthusiasm by 4-thousand people on a cool night in Raleigh’s Pullen Park. The 42nd president was hoarse from a busy day campaigning in swing states, but he still had enough left to say Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s small-government economic plans are wrong for the Tar Heel state.

Bill Clinton: If you look at Raleigh, if you look at the stunning long-term success of this area, it is symbolized by the Research Triangle, by cooperation between business and government and the university system, by all these foundations, and everybody working together. That’s what works.
The stop by President Clinton is just one of several in the state for the Obama Campaign in the run-up to election day. First Lady Michelle Obama will appear in Charlotte later today.