Child Dies From Whooping Cough In Forsyth County

Aug 21, 2012

State health officials say a child has died of whooping cough in Forsyth County.

Gurnal Scott: The child was only two months old. It's not clear how the child contracted the disease also known a pertussis, but it does shine a light on the fact that it can happen.

Dr. Laura Gerald: If you're even around a child who is under 12 months of age, you should be vaccinated.

Dr. Laura Gerald is the state health director. She says doctors are seeing hundreds of whooping cough cases across North Carolina. Many times, parents don't know their child has it because it seems like a common cold.

Dr. Laura Gerald: One thing that distinguishes the whooping cough is that it tends to last much longer that you would expect..weeks in fact it can last. And sometimes..not always..but sometimes you get that characteristic whooping sound that many people report in clinic.

Gerald says you can get the vaccine free at local health departments. It's required by law for school-age children.