Charles House To Open Second Nonprofit Assisted Living Home

Aug 21, 2014

Seniors garden in at the Charles House Eldercare Home in the Heritage Hills neighborhood in Chapel Hill.
Credit Charles House Association

A Carrboro nonprofit is opening a second home for senior citizens who can't live on their own anymore.

The Charles House Association opened an eldercare home in Chapel Hill's Heritage Hills neighborhood in 2011. There, six residents share chores. They also pay the cost of the facility and the care giving staff.

Charles House Executive Director Paul Klever said its comparable to the type of care in a typical assisted living facility. But, he said, the fact that it happens in a house is important in helping people live their lives normally.

“It's integration into the neighborhood. And it provides fairly high levels of care, but doing that in a way that is still very much like people have lived in their own homes.”

Klever said he doesn't know of other facilities following this model, but expects them to be more common as baby boomers age.

Charles House Eldercare is hosting an open house of its new Eldercare Home in Carrboro's Winmore neighborhood this afternoon.  Five residents have registered to move in next month, but they have one more spot to fill.