Challenges for Minority Small Business Owners

Apr 5, 2012

Some minority owners of small businesses met with U.S. Senator Kay Hagan to chat about challenges they face and opportunities available to help them prosper. The North Carolina Democrat brought a member of the Small Business Administration to hear how owners are falling short in the marketplace. Leah Brown is president of medical research firm A10 Solutions in Cary. She says they try to compete for big-money contracts, but it is a challenge to find qualified workers

Leah Brown: The businesses that we're in that represent technology and health care and science, those type things, we need to re-tool the folks that are unemployed. We have to make sure that they're able to have the skill set to meet the demand of our businesses and the future.

The SBA says it is working to help businesses tap into federal resources including loans available through the federal Small Business Jobs Act.