CFO Optimism Not As Strong

Jun 9, 2011

Chief Financial Officers are beginning to get nervous again about the economy.  That’s the latest from a quarterly report by Duke University and C-F-O Magazine. 

  Six months ago – C-F-Os were talking about increasing full-time employment by 2-percent over the next year.  Now it’s more like point-seven percent. Kate O’Sullivan is the deputy editor of C-F-O Magazine.  Despite falling optimism, O’Sullivan says things are looking up for people who already have jobs.

Kate O'Sullivan:  "Sixty-one percent of firms who cut workers hours will be increasing those hours back to pre-recession levels within the next year if they haven’t already."

And more than 40-percent of C-F-Os surveyed said they will restore 401-K retirement contributions.  Public and private companies are also spending money on capital improvements – which could eventually lead to increased employment.