Candlelight Vigil for Egypt

Feb 1, 2011

A candlelight vigil and prayer for the people of Egypt will be held this evening in Raleigh. The Muslim American Public Affairs Council and several others groups are organizing the vigil. Moe El-Gamal is the chairman of the council and one of the leading organizers. He also led a demonstration at the legislative building earlier today.

"We want our government to side with the Egyptian people, not with a dictatorship regime. Also use whatever we can in order to influence the present government to end its dictatorship regime. And also not to harm the people there. Let the people express their basic right of expression and demonstration without hurting them. I think that’s what we really need to do and also we’d like to let the people know that we are with them in their fight for their freedom and democracy."

El-Gamal says the vigil is open to all who want to show their support regardless of religion, nationality, or ethnicity.