Can Zoo Animals Hunt For Easter Eggs?

Mar 29, 2013

A chimpanzee eats treats from inside a papier-mâché egg.
Credit Zoo photo by Tom Gillespie

Who says animals can’t participate in an Easter egg hunt? This weekend, while thousands of children across the state hunt for candy-filled Easter eggs, the North Carolina Zoo will give its animals their own egg hunt.

The “Egg-Stravaganza” begins Saturday morning, and it involves zookeepers putting papier-mâché eggs filled with animal treats inside the animals' living spaces. Some of the lucky creatures that will be getting eggs include gorillas, elephants, ocelots, Red River hogs, seals, bears, and a cougar.

The event is part of an enrichment program designed to mentally and physically stimulate the animals, allowing them to find and play with the treats and experience the tastes and smells. 

For a complete schedule of events, visit the N.C. Zoo's website.