Camp Lejeune Families Act Signed Into Law

Aug 6, 2012

North Carolina lawmakers are hailing the signing of a bill today that will grant health care to marines and their families who drank toxic tap water at Camp Lejune from 1957 to 1987. An award-winning documentary chronicles the efforts of former U.S. Marine Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger who lost his daughter, Janey, to a rare form of childhood leukemia as a result of the exposure. Congressman Brad Miller says the chemicals found in the water are known carcinogens that cause a host of illnesses and conditions that include male breast and female infertility.

Congressman Brad Miller: Benzene which is from motor fuel and aviation fuels that leaked into the water and and TCE and PCE two chemicals that are now regarded as carcinogens and vinyl chloride were all in the water. So if you drank that water during that period, you should let your doctor know you were exposed to those chemicals.

Screening for the film, Semper Fi, will take place tomorrow night in Raleigh. It's free and open to the public. Complimentary valet parking is provided.