Calder Exhibit Opens at Nasher

Feb 16, 2012

Duke's Nasher Art Museum in Durham is combining traditional sculptures with more contemporary pieces at a new exhibit today.

Jeff Tiberii: More than a dozen mobiles from late American sculptor, Alexander Calder will be on display. His works will be complemented by contemporary sculptures from seven other artists. The Nasher's Wendy Hower Livingston says the gallery feels different.

Wendy Hower Livingston: Because of the gentle movement, the colors, the beautiful balancing of the mobiles, the shadows the play on the floor. It's just a very light-hearted experience to walk in there and be surrounded by these masterworks.

Calder's mobiles are made of metal while some of his other pieces incorporate glass. The contemporary works are made with drift wood, fishing polls, scarfs, wood, medal and paper. This exhibit runs through June 17th.