Building A Smarter Grid In Raleigh

Mar 5, 2012

A major center for Smart Grid technology will be dedicated today in Raleigh.

Dave DeWitt: Engineers, faculty, and political leaders say the Triangle is fast becoming the east coast’s “Smart Grid Valley.” The comparison to Silicon Valley comes a little closer to reality today, when the first-ever demonstration center and testing lab for electric utilities in the nation is dedicated on N.C. State’s Centennial Campus.

The Smart Grid Center of Excellence is a project of the ABB company, an international leader in power and automation technologies. They hope to be a big player in a future national “smart grid” that can more closely monitor power use, and allow widespread bi-directional metering. That will compensate more local producers of power, like small wind and solar operations.

ABB built the facility for $10 million. Power companies like Duke and Progress will help operate the center.