Brisk Election Day Voting In NC

Nov 6, 2012

A steady stream of voters are making their way to the polls this election day across North Carolina.   Elections officials predict as many as two million people will vote today.

Leoneda Inge:  More than two-point-five million people voted early in North Carolina. But not Latarcha Lee of Durham.

Latarcha Lee:  It’s just kind of special like, wait til the last minute, you know.

Leah Tedrick-Moutz isn’t that much of a traditionalist.

Leah Tedrick-Moutz:  The only reason I didn’t early vote is because I was out of town in Atlanta and I just got back, two days ago.

20-year-old Brianna Graves says she was excited to vote in her first presidential election.

Inge:  Are you able to say who you voted for and why?

Brianna Graves:  Ummm. No.

Inge:  That is your right.
North Carolina elections officials say there could be a 70-percent voter turnout this election season, a tinge higher than in 2008.