Bonds May Be On Ballot In Raleigh

May 30, 2011

Two bonds being considered by the Raleigh City Council may end up on the ballot this fall. If passed, they would total $52 million for transportation and housing projects.

The transportation bond would be the largest, at $37 million. It would include the usual road paving projects, but for the first time, a transportation bond would also include money for greenways and bike lanes. Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker explained the need when he gave his state of the city address in March.

Charles Meeker: "It’s time that we have a lot more bike lanes. This is a young person’s town, people do get around by bikes. Not everybody has to get around by car or bus or whatever. And it really is something that is important to us."

A second $15 million bond would double the number of affordable housing units in the city.  If both bonds end up on the ballot and are passed, the owner of an average-priced home in Raleigh would pay about $15 a year more in taxes.