Bluegrass Festival Coming To Raleigh In 2013

May 17, 2012

North Carolina will host the best in Bluegrass music in a capital city festival starting next year.

Gurnal Scott: The International Bluegrass Music Association and its companion World of Bluegrass Festival will come to Raleigh for three years. The four-day event includes a business conference, a Bluegrass awards program and a weekend fanfest. Bluegrass has a long history in North Carolina. IBMA board member Cindy Baucum points to the story of the 1938 split of legendary Bluegrass duo Bill and Charlie Monroe.

Cindy Baucum: And it was in Raleigh, North Carolina when they decided to disband because Bill had a vision of a new genre of music that has become what we know today as Bluegrass.

Business leaders expect an economic impact of nearly 10 million dollars for Wake County each year of the event.