Black Friday Lures Reluctant Shoppers

Nov 26, 2010

North Carolina shoppers swarmed shopping centers early this morning to take advantage of Black Friday sales.  No official numbers are available yet, but anecdotal reports say the lines were a little longer than they were last year.  Deep discounts on toys and electronics brought out Black Friday regulars, as well as some first-timers like Cindy Ratkovich. She doesn't usually take part in the early-morning Black Friday madness:

"But one of the major department stores had a deal on something I couldn't pass up," she says. "So my son and I left the house at 2:30 am to get there at 3:00 - and stood in this one little section for 2 1/2 hours, got my item, checked out, and came home (laughs). "

Ratkovich says the first person in line at the New Bern Wal-Mart had been there since 10:00 Thursday night. She says the early wake-up call was worth it - she saved about $400  - but she probably won't make a habit of it.