Bill Seeking To Ban Sharia Law Passes State House

May 16, 2013

Credit NC General Assembly

House lawmakers have passed a measure that attempts to ban the application of Islamic Sharia law in North Carolina.

House Bill 695 would prohibit North Carolina courts from applying part or all of any foreign laws that could lead to violations of constitutional rights in domestic and child custody cases. Across the country, some social conservatives have expressed fears about Islamic laws being cited in American courtrooms.

Democratic Representative Paul Luebke asked the bill's sponsor, Republican Chris Whitmire, how important the measure is.

Luebke said, "has this been a problem in North Carolina anywhere?"

"Representative Luebke, not yet," replied Whitmire. "We have at least 27 states, 27 cases in multiple states where it has. The most egregious cases have been cases such as custody and divorce and absolutely, it has. We don't want it here."

The measure will return to the House for a final reading Thursday.