Biden Touts Community Colleges in the Triad

Feb 24, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden stopped in the Triad today to stress the importance of community colleges.

Jeff Tiberii: Inside the gymnasium at Davidson County Community College Vice President Biden spoke to about 500 people in front of a Blue banner reading “An America Built To Last”. The Vice President spoke as part of a tour highlighting President Barack Obama's budget pitch to fund community colleges and local businesses working together. He said completing a two-year program has cumulative benefits.

Joe Biden: Someone with a two-year community college degree will earn on average, $8,000 more than someone with a high school degree.

The Vice President joined his wife Jill Biden and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis (So-Leece) for the final stop of a five-state tour. They have been traveling to community colleges throughout the Midwest and Southeast this week.