'Beauty World' Conjures Raw Pop And Dreamy Imagery

Aug 5, 2014

Duncan Webster and Leah Gibson make up the Durham duo Beauty World.
Credit the artist

Duncan Webster and Leah Gibson have each honed their chops with bands including Lost in the Trees, Hammer No More the Fingers, and Bowerbirds.  Recently the two Durhamites joined forces to form Beauty World.

The duo is also a couple. They've both played in several bands, but were introduced by a mutual friend.

The five-song E.P. features the song, "Architect". Webster wrote it about his own challenges in learning building design.

"They were kind of chicken-scratch lyrics that stuck, they were kind of catchy, I guess," Webster said. The song is about architecture, but Webster imagines building on a curious location: the moon.

Webster begins the writing process for his songs by playing riffs over and over on his guitar. Gibson helps craft them into full songs.

The music often tells stories from their own lives. "Jehri Horton" was written about a stray dog Gibson and Webster rescued during a storm at night.

"There was a pretty bad thunderstorm," Gibson remembers. A dog ran out in front of the car. Webster skidded and almost ran over the dog. When they stopped and opened their car door, the dog bounded in the car. Though they couldn't find the dog's owners, they did make sure the dog would be adopted ... and the whole experience became a really nice song.

Beauty World's E.P. is out now. Listen to the tracks here.